Intact Team Building
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Team Building / Team Alignment

Team Building IS Alignment

Leadership excellence is a journey a leader takes with every member of the team. Like turning the wheel of a vehicle, shifting direction or perceptions can significantly increase the power to achieve Breakaway Results.

Does your team see themselves as an effective team to achieve breakaway success?

Do you have the right people in the right seats on that bus?

Are you managing them to optimize their effectiveness as an “A Team”?

Leadership training and team training facilitated by Pamela Stambaugh is available upon demand and customizable. Training with an intact team includes the leader; separately we provide leadership training. For example, Pamela’s one day Leadership Effectiveness Training is offered twice a year. Applications for this course are accepted throughout the year. Learn more here.

Make the right choices for improving team alignment for Breakaway Results.

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Leadership Training

Be trained with other leaders of different teams, either in your organization or other organizations, in a one-day setting that includes pre-work and follow-up, along with three assessments: yours, your team’s, and your team’s perception about you as their leader.

Watch Pamela Stambaugh’s 7-minute sample Team Building video

Team Building and Alignment

Create an off-site retreat with your team for 4-8 hours, depending on the size of the team and the application exercises customized.

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