Accountability Pays Earns Certified Women Owned Business Designation

San Diego-based Accountability Pays has earned the Certified Women Owned Business designation. Accountability Pays provides coaching and leadership training for large and middle market companies nationwide. Led by President and Founder Pamela Stambaugh, Accountability Pays empowers HR leaders to make better people decisions by combining the exceptionally effective Harrison Assessments Talent Solutions® with targeted development [...]

You Can Lead a Horse to Water

...but you can't make him drink. I have learned a lot working with horses. They are emotionally honest creatures, tuned into their senses for survival. If the water you want a horse to drink has arsenic in it, you might not know it but the horse would. That deep instinct may or may not be [...]

Fat Cats and Smart Rats are Slowing HR Transformation

“The ability to make good decisions regarding people represents one of the last reliable sources of competitive advantage since very few organizations are very good at it.”- Dr. Peter Drucker Making good decisions about people means elevating “people” to a strategic conversation. It means inviting HR into the inner sanctum. REALLY. That is not an [...]

Candor in Business: Are You Risk-Averse?

You might ask, “What kind of candor are you talking about?”  This could be a very long and winded blog post if we included all the times and ways in which you could choose candor over hiding, lying, leaving or some other way to avoid telling the truth or expressing your views. Is it risky [...]