You Might be Breaking the Law: The Problem with Using Personality Tests for Hiring

Is your pre-screening assessment introducing bias into your hiring process? Read this excerpt from our whitepaper to find out why you should rethink using a personality test for hiring. Obviously, employers have every right to attempt to determine if applicants are likely to perform well. According to some estimates in recent years, up to 70 [...]

4 Steps to Master the Art of Hiring Smarter

This question is for the senior executive team to ask themselves or an HR discussion with the executive team: "Are we tolerating less than ‘A’ player performance, perhaps by not clearly defining ‘A’ performance?  Or by letting ‘B’ performers slide even with clear performance objectives?  Or by allowing personalities inside or outside of work influence [...]

Right People in the Right Seats, Please

Remember this premise from Jim Collins in his book Good to Great? “When we began the research project, we expected to find that the first step in taking a company from good to great would be to set a new direction, a new vision and strategy for the company, and then to get people committed [...]

Overcome Your Resignation – Hire ‘A’ Players

Would you admit to any of the litany of excuses for why you can’t get, find or employ ‘A’ Players in your organization? • Hope maybe Jack will improve over time. He just needs better (fill in the blank). • I don’t want to admit a mistake to my board. (Read I don’t want to [...]

Public Enemy #1 of Increased Effectiveness

How many places has your inertia bit you in the productivity butt? Public Enemy #1 of increased effectiveness is inertia--yours and your team's. One place where I see it all the time is in the hiring process. The first step in hiring the right person for the job is determining the competencies you are seeking, [...]

Responsibility without Authority Feeds the Drama Triangle

I've been there and maybe you have too — being held accountable for producing a result, then given people to work with who do not report to you. Hah! Good luck! In executive team building the drama triangle must be identified and squashed. Sometimes unwittingly the executive team and even a conscious leader can generate [...]