Why and How: Leader Vulnerability and Leader Transparency

Paradoxically, leader vulnerability is the access to real, authentic power, as scary as that thought is for leaders who have not tried it on. Being vulnerable happens when you are transparent; doing such things as telling it like it is even when the news is not pretty.  Even when the thought is terrifying.  Like admitting [...]

Responsibility without Authority Feeds the Drama Triangle

I've been there and maybe you have too — being held accountable for producing a result, then given people to work with who do not report to you. Hah! Good luck! In executive team building the drama triangle must be identified and squashed. Sometimes unwittingly the executive team and even a conscious leader can generate [...]

When did you Last Challenge your Core Assumptions?

This is a critical question that causes many companies — and individuals — to suffer unintended conseqences. SO many of our actions are based on faulty assumptions. You really can challenge your core assumptions effectively. I offer you the possibility that doing so will grant you humility and vulnerability that will make your life and [...]

Why are A-Players Fired? Why do they Leave Voluntarily?

Let’s say an employee — let’s call him John — takes initiative to advance the team’s efforts to reach a goal.  After much convincing he had team alignment, but his name was all over this project. His idea and its implementation fail.   Is his failure a good thing or a bad thing?   By what [...]

Some Kernels of Sage Advice for Building an Effective Team

The importance of having a well-oiled, well-equipped and responsive team has been known and practiced for a long time. Great leaders in history such as Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar were able to conquer whole populations with their teams. Certainly now, as then, the quality of a leader is the predominant driver of the [...]

What Elicits Optimal Performance from Millennials?

According to Jeanne Meister, the “Millennial Generation” is the future generation that we might look at as the next stage of adaptation to the world of the work. These future workers were born between the 80s up to 2000 and will represent, by 2030, 75% of the global working force Jeanne Meister, Forbes.com. (photos compliments [...]

7 Key Characteristics of a Great Conscious Leader

Entrepreneurship and leadership are fun, but they also can be a huge challenge. How do you grow your business in a way that is long term sustainable whilst also rendering enough profits such that you can invest in your people and infrastructure? How do you do this without totally giving your own life up because [...]

Why does your What not Work? Could it be Behavioral Preferences?

This blog is a sticky one that could cause reactions. Some folks are open to suggestions, to opinions, to thoughts of others and some are not so much. Optimally, a co-worker would know when to hold the line on their opinion and when to ask for more information before coming to a conclusion. The territory [...]

Pamela’s Blog for Conscious Leaders — an idea generator & reality checker for leaders

Pamela's Blog for Conscious Leaders — an idea generator & reality checker for leaders What does your leadership pipeline look like for the New Year? Every day for the next 18 years, 8,000 Americans will turn 65, beginning with today’s 47-year-olds. This inevitable “retirement gap” will create many open positions, challenging companies to find skilled [...]