Conscious Leadership: The Triple Bottom Line

A study of thirty-two sustainability leaders and change agents were the subject of a Ph.D. candidate, Barrett Chapman Brown. The study is called “Conscious leadership for sustainability: How leaders with late-stage action logics design and engage in sustainability initiatives.” Practical Implications: The results provide the most granular view to date of how individuals with complex [...]

Conversations that Inspire Teams

As team members, we like to be inspired, yet it doesn’t take much to uninspired us. What is NOT inspiring your team? He said/she said. When WIIFM (what’s in it for me) overtakes the common mission. The blame game. Responsibility without authority Authority without autonomy Assignment with participants who are not enrolled in the vision/mission/outcome. [...]

Executive Excellence: 8 Titles that Inspire

Executive excellence is examined regularly in publications of all kinds. Some stand out because they cut to the chase on an essential ingredient that will not be ignored. I selected these book titles because they contribute directly to executive excellence.  See if you agree with me.  If you have additions or comments, please share in [...]

Do You Resist Collaboration?

Can you admit it?  It's okay, you are not alone. Many people resist collaboration with colleagues. I find my preference for collaboration increasing. We have so much to consider in business today, going it alone isn’t very wise! Collaborative accountability is recognizing that even though many minds have contributed to the decision, ultimately if it is [...]

Public Enemy #1 of Increased Effectiveness

How many places has your inertia bit you in the productivity butt? Public Enemy #1 of increased effectiveness is inertia--yours and your team's. One place where I see it all the time is in the hiring process. The first step in hiring the right person for the job is determining the competencies you are seeking, [...]

Candor in Business: Are You Risk-Averse?

You might ask, “What kind of candor are you talking about?”  This could be a very long and winded blog post if we included all the times and ways in which you could choose candor over hiding, lying, leaving or some other way to avoid telling the truth or expressing your views. Is it risky [...]

How to Survive the Team Drama Triangle

I've been there and maybe you have too — being held accountable for producing a result, then given people to work with who do not report to you.  Hah!  Good luck!  In executive team building the team drama triangle must be identified and squashed.  Sometimes unwittingly the executive team and even a conscious leader can [...]

Leader Vulnerability and Transparency – Part Two

Welcome to Part Two. If you missed Part One, you can access it here. Let’s get right to it! Glenn Llopis wrote a Forbes article highlighting some of those good things. In this blog I present the abbreviated version, his five powerful things with my own explanation.  His full version can be found here. According [...]

Leader Vulnerability and Transparency – Part One

As scary as this thought is for leaders who have not tried it on—leader vulnerability is the access to real, authentic power. As a leader, being vulnerable happens when you are transparent; doing such things as telling it like it is even when the news is not pretty and even when the thought is terrifying.  [...]

The Naked Truth about Team Killers and Builders

It takes conscious effort and courage to build a high-performing team.  Interestingly, I have seen — and probably so have you — issues like these team killers ignored by top management until they fester into real trouble — bottom line trouble. It reminds me of the story about the king who was approached by a [...]