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Talent Acquisition

The purpose of recruiting is not just to find talent and fill vacancies, it’s about finding top performers who are suitable to be fully engaged, and who will be loyal to the organization. “A” players are not just eligible, they are suitable (they WANT to do the work).

Contrary to popular belief, suitability is measurable.  For more information about how to recruit great talent that includes measuring for suitability, click here.

Team Building / Team Alignment

Leadership excellence is a journey on which the leader takes every member of the team. Like turning the wheel of a vehicle, shifting the direction or perceptions can significantly increase the power to achieve Breakaway Results.  Ask yourself these questions.

Does your team see themselves as an effective team to achieve breakaway success?

Do you have the right people in the right seats on that bus?

Are you managing them to optimize their effectiveness as an “A Team”?

For more information on all team building programs  click here.

Employee Engagement

Misalignment of employee engagement is well-documented.  According to Gallup in 2014, 70% of employees are disengaged!   You can do something specific and measurable about that, and it is inexpensive.  You can have a feedback loop so that you can aligning your employee’s intrinsic drivers with the organization’s extrinsic drivers to maximize employee engagement.  Thanks to HR technology and the Harrison Talent System™, a manager can have a powerful alignment conversation specific to that employee’s feedback. Where is your employee disengaged?

Find out how to have a powerful alignment conversation.  Scroll down and click on the box below to learn about this inexpensive and readily available feedback loop.  For more information, click here.

Integrating Succession Planning and Career Planning

The Harrison Talent Readiness System™ enables you to fully engage your employees through integrated career and succession planning while simultaneously providing comprehensive decision analytics to manage your qualified talent pools.  That’s a lot of big words to say get your Millennials queued up for their preferred career path, and manage the process easily with simple, sophisticated HR technology. Track your High Potentials easily with this sophisticated HR technology.

For more information on leadership training plus how the personalized career planning and talent pool analytics can benefit your employees, and yourself, click here.

Executive Coaching and Leadership Training

Between executive coaching, the Team Leader Effectiveness Course and other leadership training opportunities, Pamela focuses on developing leaders using powerful HR technology and multiple cross-referencing assessments.  Pamela’s clients receive real-time feedback that enables the recipient to proactively make changes then post-test to see the effect.  This is leadership training at its most accountable effectiveness.

Cultural Mapping

Companies frame values, but how well do your employees align with them? Find out by mapping your values to the traits in the Harrison Assessment™ to learn which employees are aligned with the company’s values and who are not.  That knowledge plus other validated inputs enables decision makers to arrive at a “keep and develop” or “replace” choice point.

To learn more about our leadership training and Executive Coaching, click here.

Testimonials from Clients

I have been working with Pamela for about 3 months now and the results I have seen have been nothing short of dramatic. Our office culture had deteriorated and the result was extremely low productivity and initiative. As a startup, we could not have that. The Harison Assessment helped us look at the team and how we work together. It gave each member of the team a safe and controlled way to see the issues below the surface that were affecting productivity and it gave clear instructions of what to do about them. Today we feel like a team, and most importantly, work is getting done.

I highly recommend Pamela and the Harrison Assesment to any organization that wants to cultivate positive and productive work environments.

Hollis Cameron, COO of Youtily
… In recent years it became clear that CEOs did not necessarily bring coaching skills with them into their role, so I brought Pamela Stambaugh in to open our quarterly training session with a presentation on how to coach leaders, and how to coach them to be accountable…. Her presentation was so successful and popular that I continued to have her open our quarterly training programs with that same message…
Ruprecht von Buttlar, VP, Business Creation & Development, CONNECT
As you know I resisted tracking leading indicators for fear of becoming a micromanager and from the self-limiting belief that I did not have time to manage the daily activities of my people. In truth, what has actually happened is my strategic time has been freed up as a result of holding everyone more accountable and my conversations with my staff have become much more focused. This has been particularly helpful in light of the current economic conditions and has better enabled me determine where to cut, where to shore-up and in creating a general culture of accountability within the company.
Shannon Erdell, Past President, TLC Staffing
Pamela is an excellent listener and speaker and has led numerous group meetings that have allowed our organization to achieve the goals of productivity, growth and accountability. Specifically we have organized our development group around a new software that allows for improved communications and accountability.
Gerald S. Brand, Past Principal, Fairfield Residential LLC
I hired Pamela to come work with my executive team, knowing we needed to be much more effective as a team.
Pamela Stambaugh’s teambuilding process immediately enhanced our team’s level of trust and open communication which resulted in our team working together more effectively.
Pamela’s one-on-one professional development with each individual team member was unique, efficient and highly valued by everyone…the pre-team meeting individual feedback session allowed for an intimate and highly effective team building event during which each team member could reflect on their personal dynamics and bring that insight to discussing some of our most difficult challenges and situations.
The Harrison Assessment and team building experience six months ago continue to yield positive outcomes and guide our team’s actions and communications six months later! It is our goal to have a second dose of Pamela some time in the future to reinforce what they already have gained in team engagement and to bring our performance up another notch.
Shantie Harkisoon, MD, FAAFP, Program Director, NYMC Phelps Family Medicine Residency Program
I have utilized Pamela on several occasions…. I am especially impressed with the Harrison Assessment™ for ensuring that you minimize your hiring mistakes. I have used this over the years, and I can tell you that the quality of my hiring has improved dramatically since working with Pamela. Pamela’s company offers a variety of services that may not be part of a standard HR approach, but she is definitely a value-add resource.
Randy Jones, Chief Executive Officer, Magma- Mission Technology Group, Inc.
Initially when we adopted the Harrison Assessments Talent Solutions for recruitment, I thought we had the equivalent of a high-end Toyota for hiring. I have learned that I also have the Cadillac for Talent Management!

The Harrison Assessments Talent Solution is the single greatest improvement to our organization’s ability to manage its growth in the last year. It creates important, viable, worthwhile conversations we did not have before in the recruitment process. And I did not just fall off the turnip truck! I have had 10 years as an executive recruiter of high-level positions. With the Harrison Assessments Talent Solutions, we are also expanding our thought process about managing people.

It is a mistake to focus solely on recruitment, tie it all into talent management if you want “A” players and you want to avoid “B” players or worse!

We have widely adopted it in one of our three divisions, pushing utilization down through over 16 distinct business units and a second division has added it to their budget for the next fiscal year, as well as the beginnings of usage by various corporate departments such as internal HR. They are clamoring for it based on the internal feedback and excitement.

Steve Sublett, CEO, CBIZ Special Risk Insurance
We have an annual employee survey for the entire company. It measures many things including employee engagement, satisfaction, manager feedback. Several questions show a very interesting improvement that we would attribute to our session with Pamela. 

 One year later, my team feels that the session with Pamela greatly contributed to the improvements in the following team ratings.
1. “My Manager gives me feedback that helps me improve my performance” scored 80% favorable in 2012 but improved to 95% favorable in 2013 for my team.
2. We were asked to rate the following statement, “In my work group, there is open and honest two-way communication.” The score rose from 68% in 2012 to 80% in 2013.
3. We rated the following statement, “I feel that I am part of a work group that works effectively together.” My team rating in 2012 was 74% and rose to 80% in 2013.
Geoff Hamilton, then Marketing Executive at ThermoFisher (formerly Life Technologies)