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Pamela Stambaugh, President and Founder of Accountability Pays, is a seasoned advisor to senior executives and HR professionals.  She brings a fresh approach and a penchant for straight talk that people find refreshing.  Pamela is the Founder and President of Accountability Pays, helping HR professionals and organizations to address challenges that include, but are not limited to: 
  • Growing pains
  • Lacking internal cooperation for a key project
  • "Attitude" that you can't put your finger on
  • Managing the talent pipeline
  • Avoidance of accountability
  • Fear of conflict
  • Inattention to results
  • Succession planning challenges
  • Keep/don't keep decisions in a merger, acquisition
  • Employee engagement and retention challenges
  • Team not acting like a team — lack of trust
  • Team builiding for a great team, with a purpose


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The Breakaway Success Journey of the Organization Begins and Ends with Trust

Excellence at the top of an organization requires rigorous review, congruence and application of accountability standards, two---way communications (internal and external) and transparency in guiding the organization and receiving feedback from all levels in the organization. - CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE Employees working in an organization in a way that an owner would work, with something at stake in the future success of the organization, and a sense of worth that comes from contributing to something greater than their own self-interest. - CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE. What you measure, improves. Measuring the right things, combined with generative, purposeful conversations, collaborations, inspired, focused performance lead to breakaway success. All things are possible in business and in life, when you follow universal principles, are self-reflective, and ground your organization in core values. - CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE. Click to Download Your Free Copy - '7 Costly Mistakes Senior Executives Make
The Journey begins with the executive team being trustworthy before crossing the trust bridge to gather up the right team members. Those A-Team members are in the right seats on that bus, bound for BREAKAWAY SUCCESS.

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